NORMED Reading Groups

In the context of NORMED, we will be holding regular reading groups where we will be discussing the program’s broader themes.


1st Reading Group Series (Autumn 2023)

Western-centrism and other demons: Recent historiography on the “Age of Revolutions”

During the last two decades, the Age of Revolutions as a field of study is once again in the air. Although scholarly interest in the field is hardly new, recent scholarship has given it a new lease of life by embracing the insights of transnational and global history and by expanding the geographical scope of studies to include revolutionary experiences in the colonized and “peripheral” world. Although the Greek Revolution was part of the revolutionary age, it is usually absent from this literature. The bicentenary of the start of the Revolution, and many recent studies to which the anniversary has given rise, have played a large role in turning this state of affairs around. That said, an in-depth and critical discussion of historiographical and methodological issues has not been systematically made. The aim of this first reading group series is to generate such a discussion by bringing together historians and other social scientists with expertise in the field. The seminars will take the form of short presentations based on texts selected by the speaker and distributed in advance to the participants. Along with a fruitful dialogue, an aim of the seminar series is to create an extensive and continuously updated bibliography on the Age of Revolutions.


The program for the 1st Reading Group Series will be announced shortly.


Other events in the context of NORMED

The Mediterranean Age of Revolutions” – 7 June 2023, Panteion University

1821 and the World” – 15 June 2023, National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF)