Funding of the Project

Crowdfunding ACT4Greece

The Research Centre for the Humanities, in the framework of the project “1821 Digital Archive” is funded by the National Bank of Greece, through the Act4Greece platform.


The Project was incorporated in NBG’s crowdfunding platform Act4Greece in 2016, and specifically in the area of “Research, Education and Training”. The first funding of the Program was thus ensured: throughout the first phase of Act4Greece, €64,317 have been raised.

In collaboration with NBG, the Scientific Committee has organised the second phase of crowdfunding, opening the platform once more, from October 2017 to April 2018. The sum raised throughout the second phase is €9.610.


RCH’s Resources 

The RCH contributes by funding part of the Research Project.


Funding by other bodies and / or individuals

The Project, being a multi-annual and multi-level endeavor, needs the continuous support of a) large public benefit institutions of the country, whose strategic purpose is to support initiatives for research of cultural and educational nature, but also of b) other public or private institutions and c) natural persons.

So far, the Project has ensured financial support from the following:


Golden Sponsors:


Bronze Sponsors


Supporters (listed alphabetically):