PIXELS@humanities is a series encompassing the research results of the projects funded by RCH through the annual Public Calls. The aim of the series is to disseminate new knowledge to the public and academic audience in order to spark a discussion on current issues and promote new research and collaborations between researchers. Implementing a multi-disciplinary approach, these projects develop new ways of scientific perception and promote innovative inquiries through current reflection of old questions and the emergence of new cutting-edge fields.

Conference Proceedings
One of RCH’s main goals is the promotion of the Humanities in Greece, through the drawing up of an agenda for the multifarious significance of the humanities. To this end, RCH organizes academic events such as conferences and workshops. The Conference Proceedings series aims to capture the discussions taking place during these events, about various themes and issues within the framework of the Humanities.

1821 Digital Library
“1821 Digital Archive” is a large-scale research project implemented on the occasion of the 200 year anniversary of the Greek Revolution. The project aims to the creation of a multi-layered digital platform about the 1821 Greek Revolution, dedicated to the collection of various archival material concerning the era of the Greek Revolution and  the conduction of a series of new researches which promote modern scientific discourse. The results of these researches will be organized and hosted in the “1821 Digital Library” series of RCH Digital Library.

Other Publications
RCH Digital Library aspires to function as an independent publisher and provide the opportunity to young scholars of the Humanities to publish their work, following a peer-review process.