School Project

Ways of Remembering the 1821 Revolution – A Local History School Project

Very soon Greece will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution. The 1821 Digital Archive Project is addressing an open call to teachers in primary and secondary schools all over the country, asking them to encourage their students to become researchers of their local history of the early 19th century.

Each school group, wishing to participate in the project as part of its crowdsourcing policy, will be invited to fill in an online form, describing a monument, museum object or book/manuscript housed in a local institution, relevant to the period of the Greek Revolution.

Students will be asked to observe, measure, provide a short description and fill in the form provided. Teachers will be asked to talk about the work of librarians, archivists, historians as well as discuss the differences between physical and digital archives/libraries.

School groups will then email their completed forms to the Project’s coordinator. The material gathered will be displayed on the project’s webpage, and could provide the basis for an online exhibit in the 1821 museum exhibition to be opened in March 2021.