Manolis E. Pagkalos

Lecturer in Ancient History & Research Fellow, University of Groningen

Title of research proposal: “ ‘Language of Change’: Imagination, Narratives, and Politics in Hellenistic Greece (c. 323 BCE-140CE)”


Manolis Pagkalos is an Ancient Historian, currently a Research Fellow at the Research Centre for the Humanities, Greece. He has previously served as Lecturer in Ancient History and Research Fellow at the Department of Ancient History at the University of Groningen (2020-2022), where he developed his research Project ‘Political Culture of Roman Athens’ (funded by the OIKOS Anchoring Innovation Research Initiative) under the guidance of Prof. Dr Onno van Nijf. He has previously taught in the Department of Archaeology & Ancient History at the University of Leicester (2014-2020). He has also been a Guest Lecturer in the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Nottingham (2020), a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Classical Studies at Masaryk University (2021), and a Guest Lecturer in Brazil (2022-). Finally, he is the Chief Editor of the non-profit publishing house Isegoria Publishing (Nottingham) and its scientific journal, Pnyx: Journal of Classical Studies (ISSN: 2754-5725). He holds a bachelor’s degree (BA Hons. 2010) in History and Archaeology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a master’s degree and PhD from the University of Leicester (2014 and 2018, respectively).

His research deals with memory and reception in ancient communities and its use in socio-political contexts (ancient and modern), explicitly focusing on the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Other research interests include ancient numismatics (iconography, ideology, circulation, economy), epigraphy, and digital humanities.


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