Constantina Kalfa

Adjunct Lecturer of Architectural History, Department of Theory &History of Art, Athens School of Fine Arts.

Title of research proposal: “HOMELANDS – The Architecture of Homemaking in Greece, Turkey and Israel-Palestine during the Era of Economic Expansion (1945-1975)”


Constantina Kalfa received her diploma and PhD from the School of Architecture, NTUA. Her current research revolves around the study of architecture in the realm of postwar modernization and development, with a particular focus on informal housing practices and how these are intertwined with multiple types of politics and social conflicts. She has published at JSAH, Rethinking Marxism and Architecture and Culture and contributed with a chapter in Aggregate’s Architecture in Development (Routledge, 2022). In 2019, she authored the book Self-sheltering Now! The Invisible Side of American Aid to Greece [in Greek] (Athens: Futura). She is guest editor of ABE Journal 20 special issue (2022) with Stavros Alifragkis and Panayiotis Tournikiotis.





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