Kleoniki Alexopoulou

Teaching Fellow in Modern European History & History of Colonialism, Department of Political Science & History, Panteion University.

Title of research proposal: “Drawing parallels between Southern Europe and postcolonial Sub-Saharan Africa in crisis: Structural Adjustment Programs and impact on welfare states (1970s-2010s)”


Kleoniki Alexopoulou is Adjunct Lecturer in Modern European History and History of Colonialism at the Department of Political Science and History, Panteion University; and Academic Fellow at the Research Centre for the Humanities (Athens, Greece). In 2022 she completed a postdoctoral study on IMF interventions and welfare state reforms in Portugal and Greece (1970s-2010s), in collaboration with Prof L. Amaral at Nova University of Lisbon. In 2020 she studied numeracy levels in Ottoman Anatolia / Turkey and Greece (19th – 20th century) as well as in pre-colonial Africa (14th-19th century), under the supervision of Prof J. Baten, at the University of Tübingen in Germany. In 2018 she received her PhD on colonial states and fiscal regimes in Portuguese Africa (1850-1975), under the supervision of Prof E.H.P. Frankema and Prof E. van Nederveen Meerkerk, at the University of Wageningen. In 2017 she was a visiting scholar at the Centre for Historical and Political Studies on Africa and the Middle East at the University of Bologna. She has participated in ERC, NWO, DFG and FCT-funded research projects and has done field and archival research in several European and African countries. She has co-organised and given presentations at international and European conferences and she has published articles in peer-reviewed journals (International Review of Social History, European Review of Economic History) as well as collective volumes (Cambridge University Press, Routledge). Her postgraduate studies were in Political Science and Sociology at University of Athens (MA, 2009); and in International Development at Utrecht University (MSc, 2011).


  • Alexopoulou, K. and Juif, D. (2023). “Labour transformations in Central and Southern Africa from colonial to postcolonial times”. Manuscript to be published in Bhambra, G.K., Mayblin, L., Medien, K. and Vigoya, M.V. (eds). The Sage Handbook of Global Social Theory.
  • Alexopoulou, K. and Amaral, L. (2022). “Challenges to the Development of the Welfare State in Portugal and Greece: A tale of two countries under Troika pressure”. Special issue “Proteção social em tempos de austeridade”, Revista Brasileira de Economia Social e de Trabalho, v.4.
  • Baten, J. and Alexopoulou, K. (2021). Elite violence and elite numeracy in Africa from 1400 CE to 1950 CE. European Review of Economic History, 26(2), 155–184.
  • Alexopoulou, K. (2019). “Local conditions and metropolitan visions. Fiscal policies and practices in Portuguese Africa, 1850s-1970s”. In: Frankema, E. and Booth, A. (eds). Fiscal capacity and the colonial state in Asia and Africa, c.1850-1960. Cambridge University Press, 230-263.
  • Alexopoulou, K., & Juif, D. (2017). Colonial State Formation Without Integration: Tax Capacity and Labour Regimes in Portuguese Mozambique (1890s–1970s). International Review of Social History, 62(2), 215-252.