Funding Research

The Research Centre for the Humanities makes public calls each year for the submission of research proposals. All applications will be submitted in Greek and English, according to the requirements of the Application Form. The final research paper is submitted in Greek or English (selection of language specified in the Application Form), with an extended summary in the other language.

Candidates for funding (for an amount of up to 10.000 euro per proposal per year) are:

Post-doctoral Researchers

These are scholars who a/ have not exceeded ten (10) years since receiving their doctorate, b/ do not have a full time job and c/ may or may not be enrolled in a post-doctoral institutional program.

Research Groups

These are research groups of not more than three (3) scholars, at least one of whom must NOT have a full time job. The member in charge of the proposed research project must hold a PhD. The group may be composed of doctoral candidates, post-doctoral scholars and/or junior or senior academics. Anyone with a full time job will not be eligible to any kind of remuneration.

  • The proposals are refereed by established scholars from Greece and abroad and each approved project is required to organize a 1-2 day event (workshop, conference, work-in-progress sessions etc.) reflecting its progress.
  • Each scholar who is funded can become Fellow of the Centre (after a decision of the Governing Body).
  • The Centre signs bilateral agreements with similar Centres around the world for the exchange of scholars, common projects and other activities, where the funding of the agreed activities is shared between the two bodies involved in the agreement.