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New seminar series: NORMED Seminars

9 April 2024

The Research Centre for the Humanities (RCH), in collaboration with the Institutes of the Nordic Countries in Athens (Danish Institute at Athens, Finnish Institute at Athens, The Norwegian Institute At Athens and Swedish Institute at Athens), has begun implementing a new international transdisciplinary research project, titled NORMED.
This project aims at enhancing our understanding of modern and contemporary European history by viewing it from the perspective of two of its constitutive regions, namely the Nordic/Baltic region and the Mediterranean.
Read more about the project here.
In the context of NORMED, we will be holding regular seminars where we will be discussing the program’s broader themes.
The first seminar series, titled “Small States in the Making: The Nordic and Mediterranean Regions”, aspires to cross-examine the Nordics and the Mediterranean, studying the two regions through the concept of “smallness”.
Read more about the seminars here.